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4 Holmes/Watson + 3 art and 1 vid

Revelations by pandapony
(Holmes/Watson, NC-17)
As I lay here at the end of my life, I find myself needing to reveal the great personal repercussions of Holmes’ introduction to Dr. Agar, and how his visit to Baker Street changed the lives of both Sherlock Holmes and myself forever.

foxxcub: Watson is a sex addict dealing with his vices in secret, until Holmes discovers him with another man from one of Watson's ~gentleman clubs. As a result, Holmes insists on taking care of Watson's "needs" himself. I love how vulnerable Holmes is here, and yet so full of bravado and shaky confidence. And the sex is insanely emotional and hot, and basically full of every kink I own.

Mistakes of Our Youth by candle_beck
(Holmes/Watson, NC-17, 37,693 words)
So here was the thing that would ruin him, at long last. Here was the problem that couldn't be solved. Holmes hadn't been able to stop wanting Watson, and now he had him and it was just as the detective had feared: nothing had changed. It had only gotten worse.

brushstrokes: Angst! Epic and heartbreaking and thoroughly delicious. This is one of those rare stories that makes alternating POVs work successfully, and Holmes' character is particularly touching - logical to a ruthless, masochistic degree. There is no happy ending, but it's a beautiful disaster.

Everything in Time by aviss
(Holmes/Watson, R, 4000 words)
There is something in the Punchbowl Pit which interests Watson more than the fights.

foxxcub: Watson becomes obsessed with a fighter called "William" at The Punchbowl in the days immediately following his return from the war. Wonderful early timeline story and a different take on the circumstances under which the two met.

Muddled by toft_froggy
(Holmes/Watson, NC-17, 2200 words)
[bookverse] Watson takes extreme measures to get Holmes to give up on a rainy stakeout.

kyuuketsukirui: Pretty much just a PWP, but very hot.


Sherlock Holmes sketches by Nanae Chrono
(Holmes & Watson, G)

kyuuketsukirui: This series of sketches is so awesome. I love both her serious takes on the guys and her chibis (especially the last page). And Gladstone! ♥

Losing a Wager by lizardspots
(Holmes/Watson, PG-13)
(Warnings: consensual bondage)

kyuuketsukirui: Guh. This is just really hot. The artist says they could see it as either movieverse or '80s TV-verse, but it definitely looks like Jude Law!Watson to me.

Sherlock Holmes paperchildren by paperflower86
(Holmes, Watson, & Gladstone, no rating)

kyuuketsukirui: It's Holmes, Watson, and Gladstone paperdolls! Except there's no clothes for them. XD But don't worry, they do have handy black bars to give them some modesty. I love their positions and the expressions on their faces.


I Wanna Be Sedated by wyomingnot
(Holmes, gen)

kyuuketsukirui: This is such a great song choice. The fast-paced music fits the film really well, and of course the lyrics are perfect for Holmes. Plus it's nice and short (two minutes), which is great for me, as I tend to lose interest in longer vids, no matter how nice they are or how much I like the song.

4 Holmes/Watson

The Case of The Calf-skin Notebook by damned_colonial
(Holmes/Watson, 3200 words, NC-17)
Sherlock Holmes and I had been living together on terms of the greatest intimacy for some months before I discovered a way to make him relinquish the remarkable control he held over himself.

foxxcub: Excellent fusion of PWP with subtle symbolism and character work, as well as Watson's determination to make Holmes forget himself in the bedroom. Hot and bittersweet.

kyuuketsukirui: I really loved how well the Holmes/Watson story tied in with the case they were investigating (and the way it worked with the alternating 1st and 3rd person).

Choice & Primal Impulse by sanguineheroine
(Watson/Holmes, R, 912 words)
The first time he sees it is in the bath house.

bluefuzzyelf: Tattoo!fic, basically, om nom nom. It starts a little heavy with description, but it's sensual and really smooth. Short, but written for a kink meme, so. I really enjoyed it.

Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin by katieforsythe
(Holmes/Watson; NC-17; 65,700 words)
[bookverse] Wounded and traumatized by the Afghan War, John Watson falls in love with a detective who is also a remarkable violinist.

kyuuketsukirui: I really loved the first of these four fics (when I read it, I thought it was a stand-alone). It's set very early on, just after they move in together, and Watson is not only physically injured, but is suffering from PTSD (which is handled very well). And he's head over heels for Holmes, but is all pining and angsty and this is so right up my alley! I didn't like the other three quite as much (a little too overly emotional for me), but I did enjoy the entire story.

Something Approaching Everything by iambickilometer
(Holmes/Watson, PG-13, 1700 words)
[movieverse] Supposing Watson was more grievously injured in the factory scene -- how would things have changed?

kyuuketsukirui: This is an interesting look at how things might have gone differently if Holmes hadn't had Watson with him for the remainder of the case.

4 Holmes/Watson + 1 art

Roof Against the Rain by yan_tan_tether
(Holmes/Watson, R, 2,300 words)
Pretty much just a PWP, with a smidgen of action and melodrama.

phineasjones: like the author says, this is pretty much a PWP, but i love the middle-of-the-action, movie-esque opening and the way it sets the tone for the intense, extremely hot scene that follows. a PWP, but still emotionally satisfying and well done.

foxxcub: I-Almost-Lost-You sex is one of my ultimate favorite troupes in this fandom, and this fic uses it to its full potential.

Vices by moustache_wax
(Holmes/Watson, NC-17, 3,700 words)
Watson finds pleasure where he can.

foxxcub: This story was written pre-movie, but you can picture which ever incarnation you wish here. Holmes goes undercover in a brothel, Watson unknowingly goes to said brothel to escape his despair and loneliness, and then hot, desperate sex happens, all with Watson believing he must pretend the man he's with is Holmes. Little does he know! Ugh, intensely hot and emotional, and prostitute!Holmes is always delicious.

Roped In by thingswithwings
(Holmes/Watson, unrated, 1000 words)
(warning: breathplay)
[movieverse] Above him, Watson blinks twice and flushes red, and his hands on the rope are slow and tremble slightly as he cinches it tighter around Holmes' throat, leaning down with his hand to add pressure to the constriction.

kyuuketsukirui: Hnnngh. I have had the idea in mind for Holmes/Watson breathplay since I saw Holmes hanging from the ceiling, and this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see.

Though I Shiver by impertinence
(Holmes/Watson/Mary, teen, 6000 words)
[movieverse] Mary and John swap bodies, and suddenly it's Holmes' issues they have to deal with.

kyuuketsukirui: I really liked Mary here (it's her POV) and how she's aware of Watson's relationship with Holmes, but rather confused and curious about the actual mechanics. It ends up with them...I wouldn't say OT3, but maybe moving towards OT3, but still clearly a V with Watson in the middle. I would have preferred the story without the bodyswappage, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Insignificant Possession by paperflower86
(Holmes/Watson, G)
Holmes is trying to deal with Watson's departure from 221b rationally. It's not going well.

foxxcub: Beautifully drawn, and the handwriting is quite amazing. It's a simple comic, but the emotion is very palpable. And the last frame pretty much breaks me completely.

4 Holmes/Watson + 1 art

Identity Crisis by speth
(Holmes/Watson, R, 12767 words)
[movieverse] Bodyswap fic! An experiment gone wrong causes Holmes and Watson to switch bodies, and until Holmes develops a cure, they must suffer the fallout in the meantime.

foxxcub: I love bodyswap fic! This story is funny and sweet and totally makes you picture Watson-as-Holmes and vise versa (picturing RDJ as Jude Law in my head is probably too much fun, lol).

Softly and Suddenly by katieforsythe
(Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary; adult; 15,000 words)
[bookverse] Watson reflects from Switzerland on a curious incident that took place after Holmes lured him into adultery.

kyuuketsukirui: Ahhhhhh, this was awesome. Lots of angsty pining, which I EAT UP WITH A SPOON OMG. And I love how they hurt each other. With each story of hers I read, I feel like this author's style is really not quite my thing, but it's not enough to really detract from the goodness. Angsty, angsty goodness.

Five Times Mary Suspected Holmes and Watson Were More Than Friends and One Time She Knew It to Be So by paperclipbitch
(Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary; PG; 3900 words)
[movieverse] But John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are not quite like other men. Mary knows this by now.

kyuuketsukirui: This was really, really good. I love this Mary and I love seeing all of this through her eyes. I love that she's smart and can figure out what's going on and I love the last scene especially.

To Rise to the Occasion by ponderosa
(Holmes/Watson, explicit, 1600 words)
[movieverse] Surely a single uncooperative limb does not render a man useless.

kyuuketsukirui: You don't see impotence fic that often and this is really well done. And hot.

Starcross by slanted_edges
[Holmes+Watson, PG] Steampunk AU!

foxxcub: I. Love. STEAMPUNK AUs! I think this fandom needs a gazillion more of them, along with art like this. I love the futuristic sharpness to the lines, and the way Watson is keeping watch over Holmes. Also, Holmes' gauntlets, omggg. *___*

Recs: 4 Holmes/Watson, 1 Art


Full of Grace by katieforsythe
(Holmes/Watson, no rating, 19,000 words)
[bookverse] The events of the Wilde case bleed into the Holmsian world.

kyuuketsukirui: I love knowing that anything I click on by her won't be a slap in the face, that I can always go here to read about a Holmes and Watson who are explicitly queer in a way that is not tied to their feelings for each other. And I love that she consistently places their queerness in a historical context rather than making the stories feel like they're about modern people dressing up as Victorians, and I especially loved that about this story in particular. I loved Holmes' anger at Wilde and at the world and I loved the conversation at the wedding and the dancing and the priest at the end.
The Narrator by candle_beck
(Holmes/Watson, R, 9929 words)

lyo: This could be my inner narration geek showing, but this story is a wonderful exploration of the lies a writer puts on a page to make oneself look better--or worse, as others may see it. It's a fascinating exploration of how Watson writes his stories and the omissions he makes when creating them.
kyuuketsukirui: This is such a great idea! I am really liking fics that attempt to reconcile book canon with movie canon and this does so in such an interesting way. Don't be scared away by the 2nd person narration. It's well worth the read!

The Sinking Ship of Self by blue_soaring
(Holmes/Watson, R, 4000 words)
Three weeks after Watson takes up his new residence, Holmes breaks in.

foxxcub: Wonderful fusion of book canon with movie canon that takes place after Holmes has faked his death.

kyuuketsukirui: This is my favorite time period, but so far most of the other stories I've read set during it have been Watson's POV (he does pining so well!), so I loved getting the pining and angst from Holmes's side this time. XD

One Week
by janeturenne
(Holmes/Watson, NC-17, 41'000 words)
An average week in the life of Our Heroes becomes a battle of wills when the boys make a wager.

zarah5: An exceptional piece of writing. For one, Watson's narration is perfect, the banter between the two is great, and it is touching on so many levels, not least of all because it fits canon so well. Also, it takes an intriguing look at what music means to Holmes. (Book verse)


Dr. Watson's Inner Monologue by elina_elsu  & Katri and  Sherlock Holmes' Inner Monologue by Jem's Bird
(Holmes/Watson, no rating)

kyuuketsukirui: This is an absolutely hilarious series of comics about Holmes and Watson and how they need a clue bat to the head to see that they are each pining for the other.

foxxcub: I am a total sap, but this comic gets me all choked up every time. It's sweet and sexy and hilarious all at once, and the longing is almost palpable!
zarah5: These comics are to a fangirl what Belgian chocolate is to a chocoholic. They're brilliantly drawn and funny, yet touching, and they do present us with a clear image of both Holmes and Watson. Highly, highly recommended.


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